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Kids Science Workshop

Friday 21 January 2022 @ 10.30am


THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT KIDS SCIENCE WORKSHOP Looking for something fun for the kids to do this summer holidays? Well we have you covered! Join us for wacky…

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February Resin Art & Cocktail Making Workshop

Thursday 24 February & Friday 25 February @ 6:30pm


RESIN ART AND COCKTAIL MAKING WORKSHOP Book your spot NOW for our February Resin Art and Cocktail Making workshops with two sessions to choose from! Session one: Thursday 24 February…

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March Resin Art & Cocktail Making Workshops

Friday 18 March 2022 & Sunday 20 March 2022 @ 6.30pm


RESIN ART AND COCKTAIL MAKING WORKSHOPS Book your spot NOW for our March Resin Art and Cocktail Making workshops with two sessions to choose from! Session one: Friday 18 March…

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Saturday 02 April 2022 @ 8:00 PM


Are You Old Enough? Are we Still in Love (With You)? This Time, before your Young Years fade, come celebrate the Sunshine and the Rain. Your Wilder World awaits.

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Saturday 30 April 2022 @ 8pm


The Australian ABBA TRIBUTE SHOW EVENT IS SOLD OUT. Due to the further government lockdown and restrictions announced earlier today we have unfortunately had to postpone our ABBALanche show that…

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Abbalanche Kimonos
beatnix beatnix2


Saturday 18 June 2022 @ 8pm


BEATNIX SHOW The Beatnix is one of the longest running Beatles tribute shows in the world! The show includes fully authentic musical instruments similar to those used by The Beatles and a range…

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