Sporting – Principal Partner Application

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Sporting Club - Principal Partner Application

Please attach a letter from your Sporting Association confirming the number of registered players in your Sporting Club. To be eligible for a Principal Partner Sponsorship, your club must have in excess of 500 members

Executive Information

Partnership Agreement

Please indicate agreement to the following terms before proceeding with the application
Sporting Clubs must demonstrate by the end of 2019 that at least 50% of members aged over 18 years are members of Club Central. Please indicate a current estimate below:
Please attach a photo of your current banner or signage
Please attach a photo of club jersey or uniform with Club Central logo visible
Bookings will be limited to the Arthur Allison Room
Your sporting club agrees to acknowledge Club Central Menai on your sporting club's social media platforms on four occasions throughout the sporting season, as specified in the sponsorship information and MoU
Your sporting club agrees to share provided and approved Club Central Menai content on its social media platforms on two occasions per season
Your sporting club agrees to host a catered function for a minimum of 50 people at Club Central Menai. Please provide your requested date, estimated number of attendees and type of function. Our Events team will be in touch to confirm your booking.
Your sporting club agrees to submit a minimum of 5 entries into the annual Menai District Sports Awards as part of your sponsorship agreement
Suggestion for annual trophy to be awarded by Club Central Menai Director
Please attach a signed copy of the MoU


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