McWilliams Wine Tasting Dinner

Friday, 27th September 2019

07:00pm to 09:30pm

Club Central Menai proudly presents McWilliams Wine Tasting Dinner hosted by Scott McWilliam. Join us for a 5 Course dinner on Friday 27 September with paired wines with prizes to be won on the night.


The McWilliam’s family name stands for a long history of excellence in winemaking, a tradition which stretches back to the earliest days of the Australian wine industry. Since 1877, when founder Samuel McWilliam first planted vines on the banks of the Murray River in New South Wales, the McWilliam family have produced six consecutive generations of winemakers.

The wines made by McWilliam’s are more than just benchmark expressions of Australian winemaking. They are wines that draw on more than 140 years of experience, wines that tell a story of a family’s passion for winemaking.

Director, Sixth Generation Winemaker & Family Ambassador

Scott has five generations of family winemaking behind him so he was always going to be at the forefront of the McWilliam’s family’s sixth generation. This hereditary love for the Australian wine industry has led Scott from university, to bringing in vintages across the globe, judging at shows both nationally and internationally, being the family ambassador and of course, an accomplished winemaker in his own right. So much so, that he was invited to the Future Leaders program by the Winemaker’s Federation of Australia.

Having travelled the world to many of the beautiful places that wine is produced, Scott has a clear vision for the future of the industry ‘With rapid globalisation and fluidity of information, I believe the industry will cater more towards giving the consumers a tailored experience. Rather than just making a wine and selling it to the consumer, we will better anticipate what consumers want and provide them with an experience which hopefully remains with them or lasts longer than merely the time it takes to finish the bottle’.

Event Details:

Cost: $95
TIME: 7pm
Restrictions: Over 18s + Members Only

Click here to view information on the wine that will available for tasting.

Dinner menu:

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