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The Radiators


The rock ‘n’ roll road to stardom is a dangerous road indeed littered with the corpses of starry eyed hopefuls, wannabes, one hit wonders and jagged “if onlys”…while many bands self-implode before they even leave the garage, victims of classic clashing egos and personalities. Few survive. One of these survivors is Australian band the RADIATORS who in 2013 celebrated 35 years together since their very first show.

Formed in a transition from a band called Big Swifty, little did they know they would go on to forge a unique sound and influence thousands of teenagers throughout Australia. Following their September 1978 debut in Sydney. After the band’s first album “Feel the Heat” had become a Platinum selling classic, with such gems as “Coming Home…17 (I Wish I Was)” and “Summer Holiday”, they then released the controversial song “Gimme Head” and “Fess’ Song” on a four track EP entitled “You Have the Right to Remain Silent”….which also went Platinum.

Performing to packed houses, The RADIATORS still tour extensively playing an average of 100 shows per year and the band’s fans young and old, still flock to grab a slice of living Aussie rock history and dance the night away to the great catchy songs and classic hits that make the RADIATORS a household name in Australia.

Saturday 28 September 2024
Doors: 8pm | Show: 8.30pm
Tickets: $30
*Terms and conditions apply. No exchange or refunds on tickets. Bookings are essential. Over 18’s only.


Saturday 28 September