Live Sport

Don’t miss a minute of the sporting action here at the Sports Bar! Offering the best seats in the house to watch all your favourite live sport including TAB facilities, a great range of beers and an outdoor terrace.


Wednesday 9 January

7:15 pm CRICKET: Stars v Scorchers

Thursday 10 January

12:15 pm BASKETBALL: NBA Bucks v Rockets
7:15 pm CRICKET: Heat v Renegades

Friday 11 January

11:00 am BASKETBALL: NBA Celtics v Heat
7:15 pm CRICKET: Strikers v Stars
10:00 pm SOCCER: Australia v Palestine

Saturday 12 January

1:20 pm CRICKET: Australia v India
7:50 pm SOCCER:Victory v Newcastle (after the cricket)

Sunday 13 January

2:45 pm CRICKET: Thunder v Strikers
6:35 pm  CRICKET: Renegades v Heat

Monday 14 January 

2:45 pm CRICKET: Stars v Sixes
7:15 pm  CRICKET: Stars v Hurricanes